3D’s Max (Interior/Exterior) with V-Ray 

     Best 3ds max  training institute in Ghaziabad

CADDEX offers best Vray training in Ghaziabad, people wanting to have vray training must come to CADDEX. CADDEX is one of best vray training institute in Ghaziabad. CADDEX provides you Best training vray in Ghaziabad. As you probably already know, Vray is a render plugin. It’s a plugin, which means that it adds functionality to an existing program. Vray’s features mainly aim at creating photorealistic images, together with improving rendering speed. Currently, Vray exist for 3D Studio Max, Maya, Rhinoceros 3D, Sketch up, Softimage,

In Vray you can control the quality of the image with only a few settings, which makes this perfect for switching from a quick preview render to a high quality final image. You just have to learn and understand the effect and importance of each setting, so you know what to expect by changing a parameter. Before getting started with this exceptionally easy software, an individual need to enroll in a good training institutes like CADDEX. With CADDEX you also got opportunity to work on live project and industry visit. CADDEX provides placement assistance to the students, CADDEX has tie up with many designing company around India.


  •  Interface and layout study
  • Extended primitives
  • layout setting for Architects


  •  Compound objects
  • Bend, Taper, Twist
  • Stretch, Skew, FFD
  • Extrude, shell, Lattice


  •  Edit Poly Modeling
  • Chamfer
  • Symmetry Mirror Modeling
  • Designing a table and chair
  • Designing a house using box
  • Lines and Nurbs
  • Importing a plan from AutoCAD
  • Making an interior space
  • Doors and Windows
  • AEC extended
  • Railing and Trees
  • Stairs

Texturing & Materials (V-Ray)

  •   Diffuse and Bump Mapping
  • ink and paint
  • Environment and back ground images
  • Material library/Architectural Materials

Lighting (V-Ray)

  •   Omni, Spot, Direct Lights
  • Sky light and Light tracer rendering
  • Light effects, IES Lights
  • Ambient, Sun & Mesh Lights

Camera (V-Ray)

  •   Free and Target Camera
  • Camera Animation
  • Dome & Physical Camera

Particles and Dynamics 

  •    Particle systems (Rain System)
  • Object Properties and motion blur

Rendering (V-Ray) 

  •   Rendering images
  • Rendering moving images
  • VRay Image rendering
  •   Global Illumination and HDRI rendering

Project Work 

  • Day Light Render (Interior)
  • Night Light Render (Interior)
  • Morning Light Render (Interior)
  • Day Light Render (Exterior)
  • Night Light Render (Exterior)
  • Morning Light Render (Exterior)