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Top 20 Reasons to Choose CADDEX for Unigraphics Training in Sahibabad

  • Our Unigraphics training in Sahibabadis developed in compliance to current IT industry.
  • We provide the best Unigraphics training in Sahibabad covering entire course modules during the Unigraphics classes. Also, students avail Unigraphics course in Sahibabad with placement assistance.
  • Unigraphics training in Sahibabad are scheduled on weekdays and weekends. Also students can opt for customized schedule according to the requirements.
  • Our team of trainers are industry-experts possessing more than a decade experience in training.
  • Mentors coaching Unigraphics training in Sahibabad not only help students in accomplishing live projects, but also provide session on interview preparation along with placement assistance.
  • Ultra-modern I.T laboratory equipped with latest infrastructure.
  • Our lab is open 365 days in a year. Students, according to their convenience can utilize the lab for completing projects and practice the technical assignments.
  • Our training classrooms are equipped with modern I.T infrastructure such as projectors, live racks, Wi-Fi, and digital pads.
  • We facilitate our students with glass-door study room and discussion zone area (meeting room) to enhance their learning and exploring abilities.
  • Along with technical training and course, we organize no cost sessions on personality development spoken English, group discussion, mock interview and presentation skills to develop high level of confidence in students.
  • We also organize no cost personality development and presentation seminars.
  • Our course material includes books, and soft copies of tutorials in the form of PDFs, sample papers, technical and HR interview questions, and projects available on our website.
  • Students enrolled to Unigraphics training in Sahibabad can also avail hostel facility at Rs.4,500/- a month.
  • We facilitate students with no cost study material, soft copies of PDFs, video training, sample questions for respective certification, and interview questions along with lab guides made available on our website for quick access.
  • Our certificates are globally recognized provided after completion of course.
  • We facilitate students with Extra Time Slots (E.T.S) for doing unlimited practical at no cost.
  • According to the requirements, students can retake the class at no cost.
  • Our instructors pay one-to-one attention.
  • To enhance knowledge of the students, the complex technical concepts are imparted through easy coaching.
  • We accept master and visa cards (Debit & Credit), also payment mode cash, cheque, and Net Banking available.

CADDEX Sahibabad Trainer’s Profile for Unigraphics Training in Sahibabad

CADDEX’s Sahibabad Unigraphics Trainers are:

  • Our trainers are industry-experts and subject specialists who have mastered on running applications providing best Unigraphics trainingto the students.
  • We have received various prestigious awards by our recognized IT partners and organizations.
  • Our trainers are MNC working professionals employed in HCL Technologies, Birla-soft, TCS, IBM, Sapient, Agilent Technologies, and so on.
  • Our trainers are certified professionals possessing 7+ years of experience in the industry.
  • Our trainers have regular coordination with MNCs HR team on daily basis.

Placement Assistance after Unigraphics Training in Sahibabad

Along with Unigraphics training in Sahibabad, we provide placement assistance to the students.

  • CADDEX Sahibabad with successful 96% placement rate has a dedicated HR wing that assist students in securing placement according to their requirements.
  • CADDEX Sahibabad assist students in developing their resume matching the current industry needs.
  • CADDEX Sahibabad, apart from course training, also facilitate students with sessions provided on personality development, spoken English, group discussion, mock interview, and presentation skills to develop a high level of confidence for facing tricky and challenging interviews competently.
  • Unigraphics is a solid and surface modeling software offers complete 3D software tools that let you create, simulate, publish, and manage your data. They are easy to learn and use and work together to help you design products better, faster, and more cost-effectively. These 3d innovative technology is one of  the fast evolving trends and the future of CAD CAM CAE industry.Duration of Training : 40 hrs

    Purpose :

    It is an A To Z Machine Design, Simulation And Analsys software

    Job zones :

    Machine Parts& Assembly.Automotive Design, Areonotical, Agriculture  Machines,Piping,Sheet Metal, Ducting Design,Fabrication Works.

    Qualification  :

    ITI, ITC, VHSS, Graduates, Diploma, Engineering students.

    Trades :

    Mechanical, Production, Mechatronics, Areonautical

    Content  :

    Sketch, Part, Assembly, Drawing, Sheet Metal, Welding, Surface,       Routing, Piping, Mould, Simulation, Analysis, Studio Rendering.



    • What Is UNIGRAPHICS All About
    • First Time You Run UNIGRAPHICS
    • UNIGRAPHICS Default Interface – Part 1
    • UNIGRAPHICS Default Interface – Part 2
    • UNIGRAPHICS Default Interface – Part 3
    • Customizing The Interface – Part 1
    • Customizing The Interface – Part 2
    • Customizing The Interface – Part 3
    • Templates And File Types


    • Introducing Sketch Elements
    • Sketching Rectangles
    • More Sketch Entities
    • Using Sketch Tools
    • Design Intent And Automatic Sketch Relations
    • 3D Sketch Introduction
    • Introduction To Dimensions In 2D Sketches
    • The Modify Dialog Box
    • Getting Started On A Simple Model

    03.Working With UNIGRAPHICS Features

    • Examining A Linkage – Part 1
    • Examining A Linkage – Part 2
    • Building A Linkage – Part 1
    • Building A Linkage – Part 2
    • Building A Linkage – Part 3
    • Fillets Through Variable Radius
    • More Fillets
    • Chamfers
    • Mirroring
    • Mirror And Feature Order
    • Mirroring Parts
    • Simple Configurations
    • Configurations And Design Tables
    • Meta Data

    04.Tools For Plastic Parts

    • Plastic Features Introduction
    • Draft Introduction
    • Neutral Plane Draft
    • Parting Line Draft
    • Step Draft
    • Shell
    • Multiple Shells
    • Ribs – Part 1
    • Ribs – Part 2
    • Mounting Bosses
    • Reference Geometry
    • Lip And Groove
    • Snap, Hook, and Groove
    • Vents

    05.Modeling A Sheet Metal Enclosure

    • Sheet Metal Introduction
    • Building A Sheet Metal Enclosure – Part 1
    • Building A Sheet Metal Enclosure – Part 2
    • Library Features and Forming Tools
    • Creating A Forming Tool From Scratch
    • Using The Insert Bends Method
    • Lofted Bends
    • Corner Treatments

    06.Simple Sweeps And Lofts

    • 3D Sketch Review
    • Creating Pipes
    • 3D Splines And Sweeping Wires
    • Sweeps With Guide Curves
    • Loft And Boundary
    • Helix And Threads
    • Sweep With Twist

    07.Part Drawings

    • Introduction To UNIGRAPHICS Drawings
    • Templates And Formats – Part 1
    • Templates And Formats – Part 2
    • Templates And Formats – Part 3
    • Creating New Drawing
    • Creating Views
    • More View Display Options
    • Placing Dimensions and Annotations


    • Editing – Part 1
    • Editing – Part 2

    09.Building Assemblies

    • Introduction To Assemblies – Part 1
    • Introduction To Assemblies – Part 2
    • Putting Parts Into An Assembly
    • Assembling Parts
    • Mating The Wishbone
    • Mating The Linkage
    • Handlbar Sub-Assembly
    • Assembling The Fork Into The Motorcycle
    • Simple Animation
    • Assembly Tools
    • Tools For Large Assemblies
    • Creating A Multibody Chain
    • Multibodies

    10.Visualization Techniques

    • Visualization Introduction
    • Scenes
    • Lights
    • Display Modes

    11.Assembly Drawings

    • Assembly Drawings
    • Exploded View
    • Multiple Position View And Printing
    • Detached Drawings And eDrawings


    • Favorite Settings
    • Best Practice Suggestions
    • UNIGRAPHICS Resources On The Web

    13.About The Author

    • About The Author


    1. Advanced Multi-Body
    • Getting Started With Templates And Working Files
    • Introduction To Multi-Body Modelling
    • Dividing Solid Bodies
    • Using The Intersect Tool
    • Feature Scope
    • Patterning And Moving Solid Bodies
    • Advantages And Limitations Of Multi-Bodies
    • Preferred System Settings
    1. Surfacing Primer
    • Why You Need Surface Modelling
    • Making A Solid From Surface Features
    • Boundary Surface In The Helmet Model
    • Getting Started On The Helmet
    • Ridges And Vents
    • Adding Side Vents
    • More Front Vents
    • Adding Ridges
    • Face Shield And Mirroring
    1. Complex Shapes And Surfacing
    • Interpolated Geometry
    • Controlling And Evaluating Splines
    • Making Smooth Splines
    • Creating Spark Plug Wires
    • Advanced Sketch Entities
    • Curve Features
    • Projected Curves
    • Reference Point And Equation Driven Curves
    • Intersection And Face Curves
    1. Working With Solids And Surfaces
    • Working Between Solids And Surfaces
    • Cut With Surface And Replace Face
    • Fill Surface To Replace A Face
    • Using the Freeform Feature
    • Using Delete Face Options
    1. Advanced Solid Features
    • Indent Feature
    • Using The Wrap Feature
    • Using The Flex Feature
    • Dome And Shape Features
    • Variable Radius Fillets
    • Hold Lines And Full Rounds
    • Setback Fillet
    • Constant Width And Edge Selection
    1. Master Model Techniques
    • Introduction To Layouts And Master Model
    • Splitting The Mouse
    • Splitting Bodies Into Parts
    • Save Bodies
    • Insert Into New Part
    • Insert Part
    • Experimenting With Intersect
    • Layouts And Assembly Sketches
    1. Advanced Mates
    • Width And Symmetry Mates
    • Plate Cams
    • Barrel Cam
    • Gear Mates
    • Rack And Pinion And Linear Coupler
    • Hinge And Screw Mates
    • Universal Joint Mate
    • Mate References
    • Lock, Fix, And In-Place Mates
    • Assembling Block And Crankshaft
    • Piston Sub-Assembly
    • Second Piston Assembly
    • Cylinder Head And Rocker Assembly
    • Rocker, Valve, And Gears
    1. Assembly Tools
    • Placing Parts Without Mates
    • Interference Detection
    • Collision Detection
    • UNIGRAPHICS AssemblyXpert and RX
    • De-Feature Parts And Assemblies
    • Sensors
    • Advanced Selection Methods
    • Animation And Movies
    1. File Management
    • Lightweight, Hidden, Suppressed, And Resolved Files
    • Copying And Finding Referenced Documents
    • UNIGRAPHICS Explorer And References
    • Virtual Components
    1. Top Down Design
    • In Context Relationships
    • Creating A Mould From Layout Sketches
    • Workflow For Creating New Assemblies With In-Context Parts
    • Assembly Holes Driven By Layouts
    • Break, Lock, and Remove External Relations
    1. Advanced Assemblies
    • Copy With Mates
    • Assembly Features
    • Component Patterns
    • Assembly Configurations
    • Display States
    • Large Assembly Mode
    • Speedpak And Mark Or Purge Configuration Data


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