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industrial Placement Services India,Manpower Recruitment Consultant in Gurgaon ,Ghaziabad, Noida , Bangalore

Mechanical companies gurgaon

Haryana DD Autos (Germany) Haryana (shafts) GNA – submit resume

Hella (Germany) Faridabad (lamps) — submit resume

IST (Switzerland, Ronda) Delhi (precision parts)- submit resume

Ikeil Metals (South Korea) Delhi (aluminium diecastings)-submit resume

Jagan Litech Lamps (South Korea) Delhi (halogene lamps)- submit resume

Jaina Casts (Germany, Motometers) Faridabad (dash board instruments)- submit resume

Jay Bharat Maruti (Japan) Gurgaon (pipes)- submit resume

JMA Industries (Germany, Hella) Faridabad (lamps)-SUBMIT RESUME

Jay-Yusin (Japan) Gurgaon (door latch) – SUBMIT RESUME

Jay Industries (South Korea, Boramtek) Delhi (components)- SUBMIT RESUME

Johnson Matthey (UK) Gurgaon (catalysts)- SUBMIT RESUME

ASK Automotive (Italy) Gurgaon (brake shoes)- submit resume

Abishek Autos (Japan) Delhi (components) –submit resume

Air Liquid India (France) Delhi (exhaust systems)- submit resume

Aksh Optifibre Limited (Manesar)- submit resume

Allied Nippon (Japan) Delhi (brakes)-submit resume

Alpha Toyo (Japan) Faridabad (handle bars, switches)- submit resume

Amtek (UK, Japan) Delhi , Manesar (connecting rods)- submit resume

Ample Auto, Gurgaon-=- submit resume

Ampress Sheet Metal (South Korea) Delhi (components)- submit resume

Anand Motors Products (USA) Delhi and Gurgaon (components)/– submit resume

Anika Norma Automobiles (Estonia) Delhi (seat belt)- submit resume

Anand Nishikawa (Japan) Delhi, Gurgaon Udyog Vihar Phase 1 (rubber parts)- submit resume

Anand Gates India (USA) Delhi (coolant)– submit resume

Anu Autos Industries (France, South Korea) Gurgaon (locking systems)- submit resume

Asahi India (Japan) Delhi (safety glass)– submit resume

Aisin Seiki (Japan) Delhi (hinges, locks) – submit resume

Apollo Tyres Gurgaon – submit resume

Arvin Industries) Gurgaon (filter) – submit resume

Bajaj Peizer (Germany, Chemie Peizer) Noida (insulation)- submit resume

Benad Amtex (Japan) Delhi (fly wheel)- submit resume

Bharat Seats (Japan) Haryana (seats) — submit resume

Bosch Chassis Manesar- submit resume

Bosch (Germany) Gurgaon (pumps)- submit resume

Bharat Steel Tubes (USA) Delhi (wheel rims) –submit resume

Brakwel Automotive Components (Japan) Noida (clutch – es) – — submit resume

Britax Motherson (UK) Noida (rear mirrors)-submit resume

BRT Motherson (UK) Noida (moulded components)- submit resume

Caparo Maruti (UK) Gurgaon (sheet metal)- submit resume

Claas Tracktors Faridabad- submit resume

Climax Overseas Manesar- submit resume

Continental, Gurgaon – submit resume

D.I. Filter Systems (USA, Donaldson Company) Gurgaon (air filters)- submit resume

Deadong Gurgaon (cables)- submit resume

Delphi Automotives (USA) Gurgaon (steering systems, wiring harness)- submit resume

Denso Haryana (Italy, Japan) Delhi (injections)- submit resume

Deepak Industries (UK) Faridabad (steering gears)– submit resume

Raunaq gears – submit resume

Imperials auto – submit resume

Echlin India (USA) Haryana (brakes)haldex – submit resume


Eicher Faridabad – submit resume

Escorts Mahle (Germany) Delhi (pistons) – submit resume

Execy Cheekay (Japan) Noida (clutch disk) —- submit resume

FCC Rico (Japan) Gurgaon (clutch assembly) – submit resume

Fiem Sung San (South Korea) Delhi (lights) – submit resume

Gateway Rail Freight Pvt. Ltd. – submit resume

Gabriel India Ltd. Gurgaon — submit resume

GKN Invel Transmissions (Germany) Delhi (front axle assembly) — submit resume

GT Exhaust India (UK) Delhi (exhaust systems) – submit resume

Gegarg Gears Delhi (gears) — submit resume

Goodyear (Faridabad)– submit resume

Grobain Delhi (automotive glass) — submit resume

precision-stampings —submit resume

Highway Cycles Industries (Japan, Honda) Gurgaon (piston for engines)- submit resume

Hilton Roulunds (Denmark) Haryana (automotive belts) – submit resume

Johnson Matthey Manesar- SUBMIT RESUME

JNS Instruments (Japan) Gurgaon (instruments)- SUBMIT RESUME

Kiekert Germany Faridabad (locking system) – SUBMIT RESUME


Krishna Maruti (Japan) Gurgaon (seats)- SUBMIT RESUME

Krishna Toyo (Japan) Gurgaon (rear mirrors)- SUBMIT RESUME

Lakhani Rubber Works – SUBMIT RESUME

Leonische Drahtwirke AG Delhi (components)- SUBMIT RESUME

Life Spark Plugs (UK, smith industries) Delhi (spark plugs)-SUBMIT RESUME

Lumax Industries (France, Germany, Automotive Lighting )-SUBMIT RESUME

Lumax GSHP (USA) Gurgaon (transmission)- SUBMIT RESUME

Machino Polymers (Montell int.) Gurgaon (compound cables)-SUBMIT RESUME

Machino TSK Nippon Cables (Japan) Gurgaon (cables)-SUBMIT RESUME

Machino Basell (Netherlands) Gurgaon (polypropylene)-SUBMIT RESUME

Makino Auto Industries (Japan) Delhi (clutch plates)- SUBMIT RESUME

Mag Wheel (UK, Two Gates Wheels) Delhi (alloy wheels)-SUBMIT RESUME

Mahle Delhi (transmission shafts)- SUBMIT RESUME

Mando Delhi (steering systems)- SUBMIT RESUME

Manu Auto, Manesar- SUBMIT RESUME

Mark Auto Industries (Italy, Germany, FBN Italy,-SUBMIT RESUME

Gurgaon (exhaust systems)
Matsuda Delhi (forged components)
Matthey Finance (Netherlands) Delhi (catalyc converters)
Metro Tyers Gurgaon
Mik Funiama (Japan, iic) Faridabad (ignition systems)
Minda Industries (Italy, Seima Italiana spa, France, Axo-Scintex) Delhi (horns)
Minda Huf (Italy, autotechnica) Delhi (security systems)
Minda Huf (Germany) Noida (locks, ignition switch)
Mindarika (Japan) Gurgaon (switches)
Mitsubishi Delhi (disk brake pads)
Mitsubishi Electric Automotive (Japan) Delhi (electric control units)
M and M Auto Industries Gurgaon (springs)
Montell int. Gurgaon (compound cables)
Morirku (Japan) Delhi (plastic components)
Munjal Showa (Japan) Gurgaon (shock absorbers)
Mothersons Sumi (Japan) Delhi (wiring harness)
Mothersons Elastomers (Germany, Woco) Noida (moulded compounds)
Mothersons Pudenz (Germany) Noida (fuses)
Motometers Faridabad (dash board instruments)
Mulitvac India (Germany, Benecke-Kaliko) Delhi (roof headliners)
MWP Migma (Germany, Mahle) Delhi (transmission shafts)
Nagata (Japan) Gurgaon (tools, dies)
Napino Auto and Electronics Manesar
Nelson Industries (USA) Delhi (engine parts)
Nikko Auto (Japan) Gurgaon (horns)
Nipa International Ltd. (lights)
Nippon Paint Gurgaon (paint)
Nisshin Steel (Faridabad)
Onassis Auto Ltd. (accessoirs)
Padmini (Electronics)
Panalfa Investment (Japan, hadsys) Delhi (air con)
Pearl Minerals (USA, lear seating) Delhi (seats)
Peizer Delhi (trim parts)
Pfeda Synthetics (Germany) Noida (arm rests, dash boards)
Phoenix, Munderner Gummiwerke Faridabad (fuel hoses)
Pilikington (UK) Gurgaon
Pranav Vikas (mauritius, sanden international) Delhi (heat exchange)
Purolator (USA, Arvin Industries) Gurgaon (filter)
Quiton Hazell Gurgaon (rods, joints, steering assembly)
Rane Clutch (Germany, UK lamellen) Delhi (components)
Rasandik Engineering (Japan, Yachiyo) Gurgaon (fuel tanks)
Rajesh Udyog (UK, Burman and Sons) Delhi (steering gear assembly)
Reinz Talbros (Germany, Reinz, Frenzelit) Delhi (locking system)
Rico Deawoo (Japan, South Korea) Noida (pumps)
Roloform Manesar
Roth Abgastechnologie Gurgaon (exhaust systems)
Sandhar Locking Devices (Japan, honda) Delhi (locking systems)
Sandhar Gurgaon
Sauer Danfoss, Gurgaon
Scania (busses)
Seima Italiana Spa, Delhi (horns)
Sharda Motors (South Korea, Sejong) Delhi (exhaust systems)
Shivani Locks (Kiekert Germany) Faridabad (locking system)
Siemens Intron Gurgaon
Sirmour Sudburg Auto (Germany, sudburg) Delhi (shock absorbers)
Simpson Industries (USA) Delhi (gears, precision parts)
Sona Cold Forging (Japan, Matsuda) Delhi (forged components)
Sono Koyo (Japan) Gurgaon (steering)
Sona Okegawa (Japan) Gurgaon (gears)
Sona Somic Lemforder (Japan/Germany) Gurgaon (ball point)
Spark Plugs India (USA, champion spark plugs) Delhi (spark plugs)
Spicer Heavy Axle Holding (USA) Delhi (truck axles)
SMK Steering (South Korea, Mando) Delhi (steering systems)
Steel Strips Wheels (Japan, ring techs) Delhi (wheel rims)
Steyr Faridabad
Stumpp und Schuele, Delhi
Subros (Japan, Denso) Delhi (ac systems)
Sunbeam Auto (Japan, Honda) Gurgaon (pistons)
Sun Steering Wheels (Japan, TS Tech) Gurgaon (steering wheels)
Sun Petri (Germany) Gurgaon (steering wheels)
Sunvisors (Germany, Happich) Delhi (components)
Suzuki (Japan) Motor-Bikes
Talbros (UK, Quiton Hazell) Gurgaon (rods, joints, steering assembly)
TS Tech Sun (Japan) Noida (door trims)
Two Gates Wheels) Delhi (alloy wheels)
Wilhelmus Delhi (crankshafts)
Woodhead Gurgaon (shock absorbers)
WSCP Manesar
Yamaha Faridabad




Didi World of Fashion
Fashion Express
House of Pearl
Orient Craft

Call Centres / BPO

American Express Gurgaon
Amazon Gurgaon
Alcatel Gurgaon
Bank of America
British Airways Gurgaon
Canon Gurgaon
Citibank Gurgaon
Customer 24/7
Deutsche Bank Gurgaon
Dell Gurgaon
Dupont Gurgaon
Ericsson Gurgaon
Genpact Gurgaon
HP Gurgaon
IBM Gurgaon
Keane Gurgaon
Microsoft Gurgaon
Nestle Gurgaon
Nokia Gurgaon
Sapient Gugaon
UnitedLex Gurgaon
Wesley Clover


Accenture Services Private Limited
Adrenalin eSystems Ltd.
Ariba Technologies India Pvt.
Aunwesha KnowledgeTechnologies Pvt. Ltd.
Binary Semantics
Fidelity Business S
Hanu Software Solutions
Hazel Infotech Pvt Ltd
HCL Technologies Ltd
Hexaware Technologies Limited
Hughes Systique
IBM India Pvt Ltd
Interactive World
Interglobe Technology Quotient ITQ
Kelly Services India Pvt Ltd.
KLG Systel Ltd
Kring Technologies
MAH India
marketRx, Inc.
Melstar Information Technologies Ltd.
Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Nagarro Software Pvt Ltd
Nortel Networks
Oracle India Pvt Ltd
Parsec Technologies Ltd
Planet PCI Infotech
Prometric Testing Private Limited
Quadrant Infotech
SAP Labs India Pvt.
SCA Technologies
Siemens The Siemens Group
Software Technology Group Inc.
Stellar Information Systems Ltd
Summit Information Technologies Limited.
SummitWorks Technologies Inc.
Sundaram Infotech
Suvin Technologies Suvin Technologies
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd
Venire IT Ltd
Visesh Infosystems Ltd.
Wipro Technologies
Xchanging Technology Services Xchanging


Aksh Optifibre Limited (Cables)
Alpine Electronics: (Electronics)
Deejay Energy (Batteries)
Flextronics (Electronics, only HQ)
Huges Software
Lucent-Alcatel (Electronics)
Olympia (Electronics)
Power Electronics (Electronics)
Rotex (Electronics)
Samsung (Electronics)
Schneider Faridabad
Sony Gurgaon
Su-Kam (Electronics)
Zentek Software
ZTE Corp Manesar (Electronics)


Accor (hotel)
ABB Lummus Global Inc. (automation parts)
Adani (Transports)
Atlas Cycles (Bicycle manufacturer)
Bata Faridabad (Shoes)
Biogen Idec (Pharma)
Carrier Gurgaon (air-conditioning systems)
Concor (Transport)
DGM India (Media Marketing)
Eastern Medikit (masks, syringes)
Express KCS (Editing BPO)
Frick Faridabad (Fridges, Cooling Systems)
General Electrics Faridabad (Electro Engines)
GVK Bioscience (bio research)
IKEA (furniture)
INC (biotech)
Metso (paper machinery)
Osram (light-bulb manufacturer)
Pepsi (foods)
Promed (Pharma)
Ranbaxy (Pharma)
Retreat (Bio-Gas)
Saint Gobain Diamant Ltd. (stone cutting tools)
Samsonite (Suitcase)
San Jose Mercury Press (Media)
Strabag (metro construction)
Stryker Gurgaon (Medical Devices)
TCI (transport)
Uppal/Luxor Group (Real Estate, SEZ)
Whirlpool Faridabad


“Matters most than any other criteria in the World.”

CADDEX Placement Services is a Sahibabad based placement company established in 2000, helping organizations recruit the right kind of Manpower for jobs all over India. Company is also helping job seekers find quality jobs.

A qualified & experienced person with etiquettes, positive outlook towards his job & life is the essence of Man powers provided by CADDEX Placement. An oriented human resource can function properly only when he/she is satisfied with his/her job, life & environment. CADDEX takes care of interests of both the employer and employee.

What’s it about people that we look to them ?

In this world, one can not work without them, but it is essential that right people be placed for right job. People are the world’s greatest resource. Although the companies may have the best of raw material and equipments/ machines etc., it is human resource that can make it successful.

Precisely why CADDEX Placement ?

Our objective is to provide a platform where organizations can come for hiring the best talent and, where people who are in search of their dream career can find them. Simply because we don’t offer ‘jobs’, we offer ‘careers’.

Our Mission Statement

“To provide quality career opportunities to individuals and provide
Corporates, talented right quality manpower on right time.”

Foundation of CADDEX Group was laid during the year 2000 and is well established & renowned in the field of  Mechanical /civil /arch/IT  CADDEX group launched CADDEX Placement Services in 2004 and has established itself with various top Indian industrials houses/ corporate and MNC’s.

A CADDEX placement service is run by Professionals, having many years of experience in top Indian Industry. Its advisers are highly educated professionals.