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Wondering about getting a fancy bath space, modular kitchen, or a designer living and bedroom room? Or planning a renovation to make every nook and corner of your home look gorgeous? We can get you started in 7 simple steps

Request A FREE QuickEstimate

Skip the unreliable process of enquiring about your home renovation costs from any random contractors & sub-contractors who never provide you a detailed, fast and exact cost estimate like we do. We want you to understand all the trivial and substantial costs thoroughly before going ahead with any kind of renovation. And the best part is – it is absolutely FREE OF COST. Request your FREE QuickEstimate here or speak to our experts at  CALL US

Project Visit & Requirement Gathering

Allow our Project Manager and Interior Design experts to pay a visit to your location to comprehend and discuss the job in detail – while assessing the opportunities & constraints on site. After technical scrutinization of the site, the Project Manager shall proceed with the requirement gathering and guide you through the pros and cons of the varied available materials. The design experts will assess your living style based on the ‘Design Guide’ process created by Renovation Experts.

Get Your FREE Estimate

Get a detailed cost estimate completely based on our visit generally within a week; which is realistic (based on the market rate) itemized (item wise scope of work) & informative (with detailed material specification).

Finalize 3D Design & Material Selection

We’ll need your active participation in this creative meeting – conducted with the 3D Design team. Incorporating all your design preferences and feedback, our 3D design experts will combine the best elements together to develop that ‘one’ space plan that fits your needs completely.

Get Your “BuildMyPlan”

Our exclusive “BuildMyPlan” has been designed to make sure that the client is at the top of things at all times.

  • Detailed Drawings: The sketches will depict a clear picture of how the project is going to look like after construction or renovation project comes to an end.
  • Project Schedule: How, when and what will be done – from scratch to finish is all presented in this document which is a part of our “RE BuildPlan”.
  • Cash Flow Chart: With details about the payment structure at different stages of the project, we make sure that the client is never surprised with random payment demands.
  • Material Procurement Schedule: A detailed showcase of what is needed for the project to be completed including the information about the manufacturers or suppliers who provide the required material at great prices. Transparency will be maintained through a comprehensive information about specific materials required shall be listed in detail.

Project Starts. Check Updates On “Project Dashboard”

Sit back and relax! Watch over how our project managers and interior designers manage pettiest of tasks professionally & get everything done right under their nose- from scratch to finish! High-proficient at their jobs, our project engineers monitor the site regularly in all aspect including the execution of day-to-day jobs as per Project Schedule and inspecting the quality of the material at the time of receipt. Not just that they pay a close attention to the government codes and other environmental issues that must be taken into consideration during execution. Last but not the least, each client is provided with a Project Dashboard that gives a full-blown access to the progress of the project at all stages. Log in to the Project Dashboard to keep a timely check on the progress – irrespective of your location.

Project Concluded

We bring the project to conclusion after everything stated in the contract is completed. Further to this, the Project Manager from the Renovation Experts Team conducts a thorough walk-through of the site with the client. Together they inspect the property and raise any concerns or issues if it exists.

That’s not all. There’s much more to it! Get in touch to Book your FREE QuickEstimate – CALL US


Turnkey Renovation Solutions…Top Quality Work…On Budget…With Highest Level of Satisfaction And…You Never Pay Anything More Than We Quote!


From a small home-fix project or a turnkey home renovation project that demands design consultation and close attention to detail, we do it all.


Following the concept design and chosen material, we present you a final detailed contract with all materials and each service itemized into a FIXED price.


Watch over how our project managers and interior designers manage pettiest of tasks professionally & get everything done right under their nose- from scratch to finish!


Get detailed drawings and photo-realistic home design renderings of your home before the construction or renovation project kick start.


Get all your interiors done before you Move-In to a new home. Be it Modular Kitchens, Wardrobe and Cabinet Design, Wall Decor, False Ceiling, Flooring and more, we make things hassle-free for you.


Skip the hassles of hiring contractors who outsource the jobs further to sub-contractors. We own a team of renovation experts – interior designers, project managers, engineers, and labour.

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