How CADDEX can help you get your dream job?


CADDEX and its Placement Promise

Congratulations for choosing CADDEX as your learning partner. We are happy to have you on board. Let us take this opportunity to explain to you about CADDEX and its placement promise.

CADDEX , over the years, has mastered the training delivery process and its flair for imparting education is impeccable. Also, CADDEX has successfully maintained standards in terms of ambience, infrastructure and courseware across all its centers.

CADDEX has the most genuine placement promise. As a part of the same, whosoever enrolls for any of the career courses is given a placement assurance from the organization.

To know more about CADDEX placement promise and its eligibility criteria, please read on.

Pre-Placement Activities

To ensure that you derive the maximum mileage from our placement activities, we take you through a round of counseling and expectation setting process wherein:

  • Student information database is generated as per the reports attached
  • ‘Student Center Interaction’ are conducted to understand the expectations and outline each individual’s strengths & shortcomings
  • The student’s capabilities are gauged on the basis of his/ her technical knowhow and soft skills
  • Expectations of the students are set according to the prevailing market scenario
  • Weekly reporting from the centers keeps track of the process

Post-Placement Activities

Post placements, to ensure that the transition process is smooth and equally successful for the subsequent batches, we conduct a series of steps which include:

  • Inviting students’ creative suggestions for improving the placement process
  • Collecting the appointment letters
  • Collecting student testimonials
  • Sharing the successful student’s testimonials with the current and prospective students through various channels viz.
  • Direct Mailers
  • CADDEX Placement Portal
  • Conducting Alumni Meets
  • Inviting successful students to CADDEX for their interactions and guidance with the current students

Placement Eligibility Criteria

For a student to be eligible for attending interviews as a part of CADDEX placement promise, he/she should have:

  • 85% Attendance
  • 75% Marks in the internal assessment examinations
  • 2 certifications

Placement Terms and Conditions

During the placement process, a student should:

  • Be willing to relocate, if need arises
  • Take approval from faculty/placement officer that he/she can go ahead and attend the interview(s)
  • Attend not more than 3 interviews
  • Accept the offer that has been made to him/her
  • Not fail to attend any of the scheduled interviews. Failure to do so will render the student ineligible for the placement process
  • Have a no objection certificate from the center

Checklist while Attending Interviews

While attending interviews, a student should check that he/she has the following things at possession so that the same can be shown when requested:

  • 2 Copies of resume
  • 2 Passport size photographs
  • Student ID card
  • No objection certificate (NOC) from the center