Autodesk Inventor Course at Caddex Institute

Autodesk Inventor Course at Caddex Institute

What is Autodesk Inventor?

Autodesk Inventor is a powerful 3D CAD software used for product design and digital modeling. It allows engineers, designers, and product development teams to bring their ideas to life by creating 3D models and simulations of products.

Course Highlights

  • Learn to use Autodesk Inventor for product design and digital modeling
  • Gain hands-on experience with 3D CAD software
  • Develop your product design skills through practical projects and exercises
  • Test and validate product designs using simulations and visualizations
  • Get support from industry-experienced instructors

Why Choose Autodesk Inventor Course at Caddex Institute?

  • Get trained on industry-standard software
  • Become proficient in product design and digital modeling
  • Gain valuable skills that are in high demand in the job market
  • Receive support and guidance from experienced instructors
  • Join a vibrant community of students and professionals

Placement Assistance

At Caddex Institute, we provide placement assistance to our students to help them secure employment in their field of study. Our graduates have found job opportunities in a variety of industries, including engineering, product design, and manufacturing. Our career services team can help you prepare for job interviews, build your resume, and connect you with potential employers.

Training Syllabus

The Autodesk Inventor course at Caddex Institute covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Autodesk Inventor
  • Product design and digital modeling
  • 3D CAD modeling techniques
  • Simulations and visualizations
  • Product testing and validation
  • Advanced features and tools

Inventor Training

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: Caddex Certified Professional
: Mechanical Technologies
: Completed